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Portland State University's ATMOS Program Celebrates (BATN) Founder

Portland, OR - 17 February 2021

Portland State University’s ATMOS Diversity Program is featuring Black Accountants Talent Network (BATN) founder, Isaiah E. Bailey for its Black Heritage Month celebration of Black founders and CEOs.


Portland State University has the largest and most diverse business school in Oregon and believes in the importance of diversity, cultural awareness and inclusion. The ATMOS Diversity Program was designed to support diverse and underrepresented undergraduate business students and provide them with mentorship opportunities and community support so that they can thrive in their chosen career paths.


ATMOS’ mission is to increase diversity in the business world by strengthening diverse and underrepresented business students, offering scholarships, mentoring students, providing academic support, engaging in professional development and contributing to career placement services.


“ATMOS has an awesome mission that really aligns with (BATN). I’m honored to have been featured by ATMOS and I look forward to partnering with them further to provide mentorship opportunities to their students,” said (BATN) founder Isaiah E. Bailey.


ATMOS is featuring Black founders throughout February. The campaign can be viewed here on the ATMOS Instagram platform.


We at (BATN) extend a special thank you to Lisa Heinsdale, Diversity Recruitment & Retention Specialist at PSU School of Business for extending this exciting invitation.


About (BATN)

The mission of the network is to provide a platform for learning, guidance and growth while creating equal and diverse opportunities in the accounting profession for Black people. Learning and development, networking, mentoring and collaboration serve at the heart of everything we strive to accomplish. Together we can move mountains and forge new paths ahead.



As the largest and most diverse business school in Oregon, we believe diversity, cultural awareness, and the inclusion of all people is paramount for institutional impact and global change. We believe inclusion and excellence are not mutually exclusive. This belief motivates everything we do.


The ATMOS program supports diverse and underrepresented undergraduate business students of color and is a promise of academic, career and community support to help create an avenue for a brighter future. We are committed to the success of each ATMOS student. It is our ATMOS promise that our underrepresented students obtain a sense of belonging and community not just within The School of Business but on the greater Portland State campus.


It is the ATMOS plan that our students who are Black, Indigenous, and students of color, LGBTQIA, students with disabilities, and undocumented, will defy the odds and national statistics in terms of retention rates and earning their business degree on time.

Prepared by:

Gennie DePass

Digital Marketing & Communications Director

For more info:

Isaiah E. Bailey

Founder & Head of Representation & Inclusion

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