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Letter from the Founder: Tomorrow is too Late

by Isaiah E. Bailey | on 3 January 2021

As if the tragedies of our beloved Kalief Browder, Botham Jean and Korey Wise weren't enough, the televised hatred and outright mistreatment of Black people that took the global stage during 2020 caused for many a moment of realization and responsibility to do the right thing.

While my efforts to bring about awareness to the obstacles Black people face both personally and professionally in a largely White profession started many years ago, the Black Accountants Talent Network (BATN) is my way of going from moment to movement. 

It's my way of screaming Black Lives Matter in a positive and productive manner that produces tangible and fruitful results.

This is my way of pooling together every resource I've been so blessed to access in order to offer it all to any and everyone who needs a helping hand - with a particular focus on men and women of all ages and experience levels who look like me.

I could not think of a better time, than right now, to bring together a nation that although divided in many ways has the capacity to come together, break down barriers and repair century-old damage to a people so full of talent and value.

When we take time to slow down and help someone else we send out an energy of empowerment and confidence that transcends generations and has a positive domino effect on communities across the nation.

When we share of our resources from an authentic and genuine place of care and empathy we simultaneously replenish and restore a level of joy and peace within in knowing the world is better today than the day before because you made it so.

The Black Accountants Talent Network (BATN) has given me a certain kind of joy unspeakable that I am incredibly grateful to share with you all. I thank you and I love you all for your continued support and generosity.

"Together we can move mountains and forge new paths ahead."

Diversity Matters,

Isaiah E. Bailey

Founder & Head of Diversity Talent Management

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Isaiah E. Bailey

Founder, Black Accountants Talent Network (BATN)

I am passionate about creating constructive conversations aimed at improving and implementing actionable and impactful diversity and inclusion strategies applicable to all industries. I am also a dedicated mentor to high school and college students across the Greater New York City and Philadelphia areas.


I am an experienced accounting and auditing professional with over 5 years experience auditing financial statements and documenting, validating and assessing financial systems, strategies, and controls that significantly improve business operations. I have a strong ability to analyze and organize data and communicate results across all levels of an organization both verbally and written.

I have experience providing financial statement audit, carve-out audit, single audit, audit of internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR) and IFRS quarterly reviews for engagements both domestic and international, ranging from start-up to billion dollar companies both private and public.

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