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Founder of the Black Accountants Talent Network, Isaiah E. Bailey

Hello, welcome to (BATN).

The mission of the Black Accountants Talent Network (BATN) is to provide a platform for learning, guidance and growth while creating equal and diverse opportunities in the accounting profession for Black people. Learning and development, networking, mentoring and collaboration serve at the heart of everything we strive to accomplish. Together we can move mountains and forge new paths ahead.

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by Isaiah E. Bailey | on 06 June 2023

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by Isaiah E. Bailey | on 23 Oct. 2020

Careers in Accounting

by Anthony Villiotti, CPA | on 29 Nov. 2020

How to grow your LinkedIn network

by Isaiah E. Bailey | on 21 Nov. 2020

EY Lee Henderson on balancing human capital

by Isaiah E. Bailey | on 16 Oct. 2020

Global Diversity Awareness Month Roadmap
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100% Virtual Safe Space for Students & Professionals

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Article - Talent, Not Tokenism
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